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Pinnacle Insurance Review

About Pinnacle Insurance

Pinnacle, a New Zealand insurance company is the first in the world to offer a complete underwriting service online which has been recognised for its online achievement by winning an international insurance industry technology award.
Established in 1998, with offices in Newmarket, Auckland, Pinnacle Life is a New Zealand specialist in life insurance. Pinnacle prides itself on offering simple and clear insurance policies.

Pinnacle Life is partnered with Hannover Life Re of Australasia, who reinsures other insurance companies throughout the world.  With annual revenues exceeding NZ $16 billion, Hannover Re is one of the five largest reinsurance groups in the world, backing almost 5,000 insurance companies in 150 countries.

The entire process from application to policy approval is fully electronic with consumers receiving their policies online, instantly. Pinnacle Life insurance can be obtained online after answering questions on the Pinnacle Life website regarding age, health and occupation.

The process takes less than ten minutes, by the end of which a full or immediate coverage up to $1,000,000 is granted without the need for a medical examination (unless certain specific conditions are highlighted). After processing the transaction online, the site generates an automatic email with the attached policy document.

Pinnacle Insurance Products

Pinnacle Life Insurance Coverage:

  • Provides coverage in the event of your death that will pay out a lump sum (up to 1 million)
  • Pays out up to 12 months early if insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • The claim is paid to the person who owns the policy
  • As long as payments continue, you will remain covered until you are 100 years old
  • Each year you will have the opportunity to increase coverage amount to keep pace with changing needs and inflation
  • Coverage can be decreased or cancelled without penalty
  • If you're in good health, you will get the option to buy some additional Serious Illness cover when you do your life application online.

Pinnacle Cancer Cover:

Pays a cash lump sum (the amount you select up to NZ$250,000) if you're diagnosed with Cancer and continue living for at least 14 days.

To buy this product online you must;
  • Be aged 20 to 59 years.
  • Your cover starts 4 months from the day you purchase this policy.
  • After you buy this policy, we'll make a cash donation to either the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation (if the insured person is female) or the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ (if the insured person is male).
  • As long as you continue with your regular payments you'll remain covered until you're 70 years old, no matter where you live.
  • Each year we may offer you the opportunity to increase your cover to accommodate your changing needs and to keep pace with inflation. You can either decrease your cover or cancel this policy at any time without penalty.

Pinnacle Mortgage Coverage:

  • Provides coverage in the event of your death, enabling your family to keep their home and pay off the mortgage
  • Policy can pay out up to twelve months earlier if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness

Pinnacle Funeral Coverage:

You can buy this product without having to answer any questions about your health.

  • Cover your funeral for NZ$5,000, NZ$10,000, NZ$15,000 or NZ$20,000. You'll be covered for accidental death for the first two years and for any cause of death thereafter.
  • To buy this product online you must be aged 30 to 69 years
  • You'll only pay for this product until you're 85 years old - after which cover continues free of charge until you die.
  • Your payments don't increase with age - they'll remain the same every year.

Good Points about Pinnacle Life Insurance

  • Pinnacle Life NZ provides a wide selection of insurance policies
  • Pinnacle Life has two high financial ratings
  • Discounts available when changing your policy to Pinnacle Life

Pinnacle Insurance Rating

Backed by Hannover Re, Pinnacle shares a very strong financial strength with a Standard & Poor’s rating of AA- “Very Strong” and an “Excellent” rating from A.M. Best. Our qualified and experienced brokers are ready to give you more details about any NZ insurance policy you need.  Start sending insurance quotes now.
NZ insurance quotes
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